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Healthy banana bread

Today I have something new, namely a recipe. I always wanted to make banana bread. So I thought mabye I just have to make it. I was very curious how banana bread would taste. I found a recipe that I adapted, so this is banana bread ‘my way’. I really like it, it’s very easy to make. And seriously this tastes delicious!

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Fashionata night: outfit & goodie bag

A long time ago, and no this isn’t a fantasy story, my mom and I went to the Fashionata Night. Fashionata is the fashion blog of Sofie Valkiers and that night she presented her first book with fashion tips and tricks. That night I had the chance to colour a lock of my hair. Soon you can read more about that. Now I want to show my outfit and the goodie bag that we got. And yes I coloured my hair in pink. On the outfit pictures you can see a little bit of the lovely pink lock. In my next article I will give some information about the colouring. The dresscode was little black dress because Sofie’s book is titled ‘Little Black Book’.So I thought I’d wear my leather dress from Zara. I really love this dress but I don’t wear it often.

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My life lately

Ooh, I know -shame on me- I’m really a bad blogger… But my life was very busy lately. Of course I’m going to tell you all about it, because I did some exciting things! Who knows me better, knows that one of my dreams is becoming an actress. And yes I know that this isn’t very realistic. But if you never try, you will never know. Last month I got some nice acting and modelling chances and I also did some other nice things.

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Outfit: hey ho let’s go!

Seriously guys I’m really a bad blogger. But tomorrow there will  be an update of my life. Because I did some amazing and exciting things. And now that my life is calm again, I’m going to blog more often. Because I just love it! I also love photography and editing, so I’m back in business. And today is all about an outfit that I wore some time ago.

Ik ben echt een slechte blogger. Maar morgen komt er een hele update post online waarin ik uitleg hoe dit komt. Want ik heb echt leuke dingen gedaan. En nu het terug rustig is, kan ik terug meer bloggen. Want ik hou er echt van. Ook hou ik van het fotograferen en bewerken van foto’s. Maar deze keer gaat het enkel over een outfit die ik een tijdje geleden droeg.

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Favourite hair tool: tangle teezer

When I was in London I bought this hairbrush. The one and only ‘tangle teezer’. After seeing and reading so much about this tool, I decided to buy it. Because I was very curious whether this tool is as good as they say.

NED: In mijn Londen shoplog kwam deze tangle teezer al voorbij. Want ik las en zag hierover zo veel goeds dat ik echt benieuwd was geworden of het zo goed werkt als ze zeggen. Dus mijn keuze was snel gemaakt toen ik deze in ‘Topshop’ tegenkwam.

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